How Is A Man To Deal With To Deal With This Graph

Perhaps you were one of the thousands of readers who read this article from Heartiste.

Past age 20, women begin the retreat from their maximum potential beauty. The fade is slow at first (as reflected in the less precipitous drop of the right side of the beauty curve), and this initially slow deterioration gives women a five to ten year graceless period to hone their self-delusion skills. “I’ll find a great guy when I’m 30!” CH: “No you won’t. You’ll settle for less, and your gogrrl friends will lie to you about this fact.”

Thus, the peak of female inner beauty is short-lived, typically occurring during the mid-20s, after she has mastered her feminine wiles but before any single lady bitchiness has robbed some of her charm.

If you’re no stranger to game and the realities of sexual (and biological) dynamics of the human species, then this will come as no surprise.

Anyone with a pair of functioning eyeballs can witness the bitter, hard truth that women decline in beauty after their early 20s. Their prime is so short, and it fades so quickly, and when combined with female delusions that denies it, it becomes a tragedy.

As a man, I feel the bitterness of truth with regards to this biological fact. It does not make it easier for my psychology, or my hope, to swallow.

Is it the great tragedy of womanly beauty that, at best, it is so-short lived, and that a good man will not have the heights of womanly beauty more than a few years?

Moreover, beauty itself is so transitory. One wrong turn behind the wheel of a car can result in an accident which ENDS the beautiful girl’s physical appeal. One assault of a vicious criminal can disfigure a face. One unforgiving case of acne can irreparably damage the porcelain skin of a model.

Why is beauty so simultaneously prized and yet at the same time, so fleeting, so contingent?

I regularly ponder this.

One might say it is downright luck that the most physically beautiful women are the way they are, and sustain their looks for the brief window that they have.

It’s plain luck. The genetic lottery.

It is such an unjust world, and therefore proof that the God of Beauty (if he exists) loses.

Why does he lose? Because his powers to bring forth female beauty in form and body can only last a maximum of a few years, yet can be ended in a second by happenstance.

And, a good man who finds a beautiful woman can never be promised her continued beauty. At best, he has only a few years of her peak beauty.

And this makes the world inherently unjust. You could find the most virtuous man in a town, and allow him to marry the finest maiden, and yet he is only a blink of an eye away from losing her beauty completely, or in a best case scenario, having it for just a few years.

This man, however faithful, loving, and honoring he might be, is left not with an outward display for his prize. Outward beauty fades.

I suppose the God of Inner Beauty may still exist, however.

For then the world would be setup in such a way that while the outer beauty is the tragedy, the inner beauty is eternal.

There is no knife which can touch inner beauty.

Perhaps the good man can save himself by marrying a maiden of remarkable inner beauty (wherever she may be found), and thus instead of damning himself to the inveterate ephemeral nature of a woman’s body, he sees deeper and behind the body to the soul.

What a task though! It would be to conscientiously move beyond the plane of sexual-market-value graphs and biological realities.

Yet if accomplished, his love would not be subject to the contingencies that plague biology. A physical tragedy may befall, but his love is unwavering because he sees the person behind the eyes.

His love can grow through the years, instead of being weathered by the vicissitudes of fate and the inevitable decline in a woman’s bodily beauty.

His investment would continue to pay dividends, while those focused on ‘game’ and ‘younger, tighter, hotter’ are always investing in depreciating assets.

No one is talking about this.